1. Delivery and return
a) The Renter received the vehicle in good order and condition and will return the same together with tyres, tools, car documents, accessories and equipment in the same condition (ordinary wear and tear expected but excepting undue wear and tear by reason of abuse), to the agreed return location specified overleaf on the date specified overleaf unless the Renter requests and the Leaser agrees to an extension, or sooner upon demand of the Leaser;
b) In the event of any breach by Renter of any of the terms and conditions hereof or it is the risk to cause any kind of harm to the Leaser, the Leaser may without notice repossess the vehicle and for such purpose may enter upon premises where the vehicle may be and remove the same and the Renter shall be responsible for and indemnity the Leaser against all actions, claims, costs and damages consequent upon or arising from such repossession and removal.
2. Conditions of use
The renter is agreed that the vehicle shall not be operated or driven:
a) In contravention of any Customs, traffic or other regulations;
b) To transport passengers or property for a remuneration (express or implied);
c) To propel or tow any vehicle, trailer or other object;
d) In any race, test or contest;
e) While Renter or any other driver of vehicle is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics, or any other substance impairing his consciousness or ability to react;
f) By any person other than: -Renter or any person(s) nominated or employed by Renter and approved by Leaser, who is at the time of rental at least 21 years of age, is duly qualified and holds and has held a current driving license for at least one year, or -In the case of breakdown or accident, a motor vehicle repairer provided that he is duly qualified and licensed;
g) Outside Romania without the express agreement of the Leaser.
In the case of breakdown the Renter must notify immediately the Leaser. The Leaser will decide if the repair will be done in the nearest authorized service or the car will be replaced as soon as possible in the limit of availabilities.
3. Charges
The Renter is personally liable to pay Leaser on demand the sum of:
a) Time and mileage charges at the rate specified on the front page;
b) Cars are delivered and/or collected with full tank. Any balance according to level indicator on board will be charged at gas station price;
c) All fines and court costs for parking, traffic or other legal violations assessed against the vehicle;
d) Losing or spoiling the car documents or car keys will be charged at 100 EUR;
e) The additional fee for one-way rental service, if any, as specified overleaf or, if the vehicle is left elsewhere than at the agreed return location without the Leaser’s written consent, a fee per km, as determined by Leaser from time to time, from the renting location where left;
f) All losses and expenses cause to the Leaser if the Renter violate this agreement, legal provisions or insurance regulations intentionally or through negligence;
g) Damage to tires and car’s underside (carter, gearbox transmission) caused by any reason (reckless driving, bad roads, off the road etc.).
4. Insurance
a) The car is insured for third party liability;
b) The Renter and his companions should hold their own personal accident insurance;
c) In case of accident, the Renter is responsible and must pay all damage if driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
d) STANDARD INSURANCE (for theft and accident): Renter’s liability for any damage or theft is up to “LIABILITY DEPOSIT” specified on the prices list;
e) COMBINED FULL COVERAGE (CFC): Accepting the CFC eliminates the renter’s liability entirely in case of accident or theft only with the presentation of the Police Documents;
f) Without the presentation of the Police Documents, shown below, to the Leaser or if the driver / renter is in breach of the Romanian Law(s) or of the Romanian Traffic Code or of any part of the Rental Agreement, the renter remains fully liable for all damages, costs and/or losses (including but not limited to the loss of income) irrespective of fault.
5. Indemnify
The Leaser can not be held responsible for any damages suffered by the Renter or his companions in connection with the operation of the vehicle, for loss or damage to Renter’s property left in the vehicle or from other causes.
6. Accident, damage, theft
Renter agrees further to protect the Leaser interests and its insurance company in case of accident, theft or damage to the vehicle by:
a) Obtaining names and address of parties involved and of witnesses;
b) Not abandoning the vehicle without adequate provision for safeguarding and securing same;
c) Contact the Leaser immediately by phone or other means;
d) Obtaining from the nearest Police Station, immediately after the accident, damage or theft of vehicle, the following documents:
– The Police Report in case of accident, or the 2nd Annex (for insurance company), with the signature of the Police officer issuing the document and the rubber stamp of the Police station;
– The Repair Authorization with the signature of the Police officer issuing the document and the rubber stamp of the Police station.
7. Validity
The renter is agreed that any addition or alteration to these terms and conditions shall be null and void unless agreed upon in writing by the parties.
All disputes arising from car rental within these Terms and Conditions shall be adjudged by the court of Bucharest, Romania.